Vitress Hair Freshener Review: All You Need To Know!

Vitress Hair Freshener Review

Do you hate the smell of your hair when under the sun for too long? Or maybe the smoke from outside that affects your hair? If only there could be one product that is as easy as magic to apply, without washing your hair all over again! With this vitress hair freshener review, you will no longer need to worry about that!

What is the Vitress Hair Freshener?

Vitress Hair Freshener Review

According to its description, Vitress Hair Freshener is a gently scented spray-on hair fragrance that deodorizes and replaces unpleasant odors with a fresh floral perfume. To use this product, Spray on dry, damp, or styled hair while holding the bottle 6 inches away from the head. You can also reapply as necessary.

My background

Hair Type: Normal to Dry and Frizzy Hair

My Vitress Hair Freshener Review

Vitress Hair Freshener Review

I use this on-the-go product every time I leave the house to the point where it is sort of my everyday routine already. Based on my experience, this vitress hair freshener is best used when the hair is already styled and ready! This is because it also contains a little bit of hairspray so that your hair can stay in place for a period of time. The packaging of this vitress product is made of plastic thus, is very light to store. I did not have any problem with leaking, despite putting it inside my bag.

One of my favorite factors of this product is its smell! The fragrance of this hair freshener is also a big factor in why this product is used by many. In contrast, if you use this product every day, it will only last for a minimum of 1-2 months. This is because you only get a small bottle of 50mL for a 65php price. This product has been a huge help, especially when my hair turns dry and frizzy depending on the weather. Simply brush your hair and spray it to keep them in place. You can literally bring this anywhere and use it anytime which is very convenient to use.

Why Hair Fresheners are great!

Hair fresheners today not only provide flexible hold, but also help to combat humidity, increase volume, and provide a natural-looking shine. These type of products helps your hair stay fresh throughout the day! Looking fresh will not only give you a neat look, but it will also improve your day. Nothing can go wrong with a great hair day.

In conclusion,

I will still continue using this product for my every day, and I think it is essential for those who have dry and frizzy hair! This vitress hair freshener is also best for those who take public transportations every day. You wouldn’t have to worry about your hair smelling horrible outside! Even with its current size, I think it is still worth it considering its performance and I’m looking forward to buying more of this product soon. However, I wish they can also produce a larger size to save more of the plastic bottles after every use.

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