Top 5 Helpful Coffee Facts That You Might Not Know!

helpful coffee facts

Feeling sleepy? Coffee is known to be an energizer to stay awake and focused throughout the day, however, did you know that coffee can be more than that? These are the Top 5 Coffee Hacks That You Might Want To Start Using!

Without any doubt, coffee is one of the most popular drinks as of this day. Coffee, along with water and tea, is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with over 400 billion cups drank each year. Coffee is consumed at a rate of 2.8 kilos per person per year in the United Kingdom, with over £1 billion spent on the beverage last year.

Top 5 Helpful Coffee Facts

1. Helps in weightloss

helpful coffee facts

Good news for those who want to lose a few weights! Turns out, coffee is something else. If you frequently browse for fat-burning products, you would notice that it can be easy to spot caffeine in the ingredient list. Coffee provides nutrients including niacin, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants, all of which can help with digestion, muscle function, and heart health. It also contains caffeine that helps to enhance your metabolism, increase your day-to-day energy, and promotes weight loss by targeting your metabolism.

It is also one of the few substances that have been shown to assist mobilize lipids from fat cells that can boost metabolism. Caffeine alone is not enough to rely on weight loss, but it does help! If you want foods that specifically target weight loss, here is a list for you below:

Foods that help with direct weightloss

  • Beans and peas – high in fiber and protein
  • Avocados – high in fiber
  • Eggs – high in protein
  • Salmon – high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Greek yogurt – high in protein
  • Dark chocolate – rich source of antioxidants

Good nutrition can help you lose weight without giving you food cravings or making you hungry! This is because, unlike processed foods, which are often high in fat, sugar, and salt, nutritious foods are high in nutrients.

2. Treatment friendly

helpful coffee facts

Did you know that coffee helps with migraine? Believe it or not, coffee raises blood pressure around nerves, which then convey pain signals to the brain. This is what causes the headache. Caffeine has vasoconstrictive characteristics, which means it causes blood vessels to contract, reducing blood flow and relieving pain. This has been tested and proven, just make sure that longer duration of headaches should be checked by a professional to prevent serious problems.

Aside from headaches, coffee can help prevent serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, and more! Coffee is best recognized for containing the stimulant caffeine. Coffee, on the other hand, is high in polyphenols, and eating foods high in polyphenols can have direct effects on the brain while also reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

3. Get rid of that dry skin!

helpful coffee facts

Aside from the facts stated above, coffee can also be used for skin exfoliation. Coffee grounds work wonders as an exfoliator. Because the grinds do not dissolve in water, they are effective at removing dead skin cells.

To do this, combine 2 teaspoons of ground coffee with equal parts coconut oil or olive oil in a mixing bowl. To achieve equal consistency, thoroughly combine all of the ingredients. Apply as a scrub to your face and body and rinse with warm water. This is a great DIY skin exfoliator if you have dry or sensitive skin. Exfoliating your skin should only be done once or twice a week according to dermatologists. The reason for this, coffee scrubs are most effective when used twice a week to exfoliate dead skin and promote blood flow for a healthier appearance.

Knowing more about coffee on the skin can be more than an exfoliator. Benefits you can get include reduced skin inflammation, reducing dark circles, and brightened skin.

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Dangers of over-exfoliating

While removing skin pollutants on a daily basis is beneficial, doing so too frequently might irritate the skin. Excessive exfoliation can cause redness, inflammation, and leave your skin in a worse state than when you started. Excessive exfoliation might lead to unpleasant cracking and peeling. This might not only affect how your skin looks, but it may also feel uncomfortable.

4. Brightens up the mood

helpful coffee facts

If there is anything that makes coffee unique, then it’s coffee making you feel happier! Caffeine activates the central nervous system and increases the production of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. This is why coffee also helps with serious cases like depression as mentioned earlier. Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that causes people to feel more alert and energized. As a result, it can make people feel more productive and boost their mood. It is thought to act by increasing excitability in the brain by inhibiting the receptors for the neurotransmitter adenosine.

However, just like exfoliation, too much coffee intake can be bad. Aside from palpitation, it can also lead to high blood pressure, which is a precursor to heart disease, as well as dizziness, shakiness, headaches, and an irregular heartbeat.

How much is too much coffee?

According to licensed professionals, Caffeine doses of up to 400 milligrams (mg) per day appear to be safe for most healthy persons. Four cups of brewed coffee, ten cans of cola, or two “energy shot” drinks contain about the same amount of caffeine. Keep in mind that the caffeine concentration of beverages varies a lot, particularly in energy drinks.

To be safe, you must limit coffee consumption to less than four cups per day in order to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure.

5. Improves your day!

helpful coffee facts

Last but not the least, coffee is a great way to start your day going. Besides the energy from drinking coffee, it gives your productivity rate an increase throughout the day. A cup of coffee in the morning stimulates your brain and helps you get alert much more quickly than you would otherwise. You won’t have to sit at your desk, weary and useless, any longer. 

Adding to that, this is a bonus if you like to work out regularly. Because according to science, Coffee enhances your capacity to work out by providing you with more energy. This increased energy may provide the boost you need to take your workout to the next level. Caffeine causes muscles to burn fat more quickly, preserving glycogen stores and allowing muscles to recover more quickly. As a result, your training will last longer and be less unpleasant. Caffeine may also function directly on muscle, enhancing its efficiency in generating power.


There is definitely more in drinking a cup of coffee each day. From improving your metabolism, helping in treatments, exfoliating the skin, and brightening your mood to improving your day, think about all those advantages as you drink your coffee next time. As there are also disadvantages of drinking coffee, it usually lies in moderation depending on your body. Drinking coffee is as good as looking out for yourself. Since you now know the five listed facts, it’s time to look out for yourself and reflect if coffee is really an advantage for you.

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