This is The Ultimate Secret to Combat Acne

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“The current state of your skin does not measure your worth or your beauty.”


It truly is annoying to have that acne especially when going out the house. An acne could ruin a perfect photoshoot day indeed. That’s why today’s topic is acne, how it starts, and the best way to combat acne. The growth of an acne has many possible reasons. In this day, we are going to see the main culprit of your acne so keep on reading to find out!

For several months of research, we have unlocked the secret ingredient that will benefit you and especially to the acne-prone skin squad.

The Best Way to Combat Acne
To get rid of acne, the very first thing you have to do is properly washing your face. With this, you have to learn the right facial wash for your skin type as there are a lot of facial cleansers sold in the market for different skin types. You do not want to use the wrong cleanser that could possibly irritate your skin, and so you have to choose carefully.

There is a specific ingredient that helps combat acne and that is Tea Tree Oil. This is now widely used in skincare products advertised especially for oily to acne-prone skin.

All About Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil does not only help cure pimples but also helps remove acne scars. Studies have shown that Tea tree oil is like any dermatological product for acne— in fact, even better. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These two properties are quintessential acne remover that will leave your skin feeling clean and smooth. It will also cancel your skin’s redness especially if you are experiencing an acne breakout.

On the other side, tea tree oil may work wonders for most people however it also has some side effects for other people. If not compatible on the skin, it can cause further skin breakouts, irritations, and burning sensations. Tea tree oil should also not be ingested as it can cause serious problems to the body and is strictly not recommended to do so.

Nowadays, it shouldn’t be hard to find tea tree oil as there are a lot of products with specific ingredients. One of them is the Ellana Tea Tree Oil Bar Soap that will be reviewed in my next blog post. Follow to not miss it out!

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How Acne Forms
Acne is definitely hormonal which means if you are still in puberty, or a young adult, then you have a higher chance of developing acne. Unless you have earned the lucky draw of genetics inherited from your clear skin ancestors, you will get acne even without trying.

Possible Reasons for Acne Formation

• Acne is formed when the dirt is trapped on your hair follicles. So in other words, if you frequently touch your face, press your cheek against your unchanged pillow sheet for weeks, or even sleep with makeup, you will get acne.

• However, the dirt is not mainly the culprit for acne. Using several face wash can also alarm your skin to break out. Why? Our skin adjusts to the products that we use and frequent changing of face cleansers can affect our skin. So if you have found the right cleanser, stick to it and avoid changing frequently.

• The last culprit of acne is genetics. Right, the word genetics is terrifying to hear as it leaves us no choice but to accept the truth of life. If you ask your parents about their acne history, chances are you will be experiencing the same. However, that does not mean that it is too late for a cure. Don’t worry, remember that every problem has a solution.

So, if you didn’t check any of those, then something else could be the culprit for your acne. Make sure to check your dermatologist for consultations to avoid future complications such as Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that affects a woman’s hormone levels. Seek professional help immediately when experiencing severe symptoms.

You have reached the end!

Before moving on, I have one last question for you that you can think of after reading this post.

“Does makeup causes acne?”

If you are curious to find out an answer to this one, well that is for another topic. You can check out this next article here to find out.

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