The Truth About Micellar Water (2021)

micellar water

Micellar water has been a staple product for makeup enthusiasts, or even beauty vloggers. If you put on makeup regularly, then you probably have at least one micellar water aside.

So why is micellar water suddenly rising and more recognized as of today? What is so special about it?

Here are the TRUTHS about micellar water.

1) Mild cleansing

Micellar water being a mild cleanser has good and bad sides. It is good since it is mostly safe for different skin types and will lessen the chance of skin irritation. If you don’t know your skin type yet, you can find out by clicking here for free. Mild cleansers are just better than the harsh and strong cleansers because it makes sure that your skin is safe and not irritated. The downside of it is that it doesn’t clean your skin deeply and only the visible outer part of the skin unlike to other cleanser products that you could use with water.

However, it is best known for its on-the-go cleansing type that can pretty much be used by anyone. If not all, then most micellar water are just suitable for mild cleansing. Some micellar water also contains aloe vera which is a best ingredient as a mild cleanser.

2) Makeup remover

The micellar water is not just a face cleanser but also a makeup remover. In fact, it works better as a makeup remover since it only removes the surface dirt of your skin. That being said, after removing your makeup with your micellar water, it does not mean that you are fully cleansed. Since it is only a mild cleanser, you MUST wash your face even after wiping your face with the micellar water or else your skin will not be fully cleansed throughout. This process is called double cleansing and are likely suggested by famous beauty vloggers and professionals.

So what is the purpose of it as a cleanser if you have to double cleanse? Well as mentioned earlier, micellar water is ideal for quick or on-the-go cleansing like when travelling. But if you have the chance to double cleanse, you may do so for better results and happier skin.

3) Free of alcohol

Skincare products without alcohol can lead to many benefits such as skin hydration. Alcohol actually dilates the skin that will soon lead to blackheads and whiteheads, which you don’t want to happen. For a more serious problem, it can also cause acne which you want to avoid. Alcohol also makes oily skin worse than it could get, good thing that micellar water do not need alcohol to produce.

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How To Use Micellar Water

It is very easy to use micellar water just as much as its description. All you have to do is to get a cotton pad or cotton ball and pour a sufficient amount of micellar water to it. Then it is ready to use! Wipe it across your face and remember to not let it get inside your eyes.

If you are using the micellar water as a makeup remover, you can soak your eyeshadow before gently wiping it off to avoid harsh wiping around the eyes especially if you have heavy makeup around the eyes. Discard the cotton pad or cotton ball after use and you can skip rinsing unless you want to double cleanse.


What makes micellar water more popular this year is because people are slowly changing to more compact products whether or not leaving their home. Micellar is just a perfect item and just has the lesser risk of irritating anyone’s skin. If you are interested on using micellar water, you don’t have to worry finding them on the market because they are all around!

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