The Amazing things Ice Does to Your Skin under 2 minutes!

Are you wishing for a new skincare routine but tired of spending a lot of money? If yes then don’t go anywhere.

For more than 3 years of searching for a safe, and budget friendly life changer product that my skin will like, I finally found it. Then I realized that all along, all I needed was something I always had and that is ICE!

priceless beauty tip

These are the 7 CRAZY things I found out about ice and why it is the superior priceless beauty tip if you want to achieve that smooth skin. Also, stick around for a bonus, keep on reading to find out!

Simple to make

We all know that ice is simple to make and how to make ice but just think about it. You don’t have to search through online or buy all the way from physical stores hoping your product is not out-of-stock. All you need is a clean water and ice tray to put in your freezer and in approximately 3-4 hours, voila! You can finally use it and the best thing? You only need 2 or 3 ice cubes for your whole face to feel fresh and smooth the next day if you used it at night. Also, you can save and refill the remaining anytime you prefer.


Promises are meant to be broken they said.. but not with ice! It will never fail you and it works for everyone in every skin types or textures, ice is your true friend. Adding this to your skincare routine will surely leave a promising effect on your skin giving you the radiance you didn’t know you had.


Do you also hate waiting for weeks or months just to see the results of a skincare product? If yes, then same! With ice, you can get instant results right after applying it. You will notice your skin feeling smoother and there is a reason for that. Ice actually shrink your pores making it appear smaller and that is why your skin will look and feel smooth-er.

Eliminates puffiness

A puffy face can lead to many reasons like water retention, or high salt content in the body. Good thing is ice can cover that up for you and will make your skin appear better overtime when used regularly. It can eliminate skin puffiness especially around the eyes. It is also great for swollen skin since ice constricts blood vessels and would speed up the healing time. Want to know more beauty tips to eliminate puffiness? Click here.

Eases acne

As ice is great for swollen skin, it also reduces the inflammation of pimples making it look smaller over time. If you want to know more about how acne is formed, you can check out my other blog post here. Another reason why ice is great for acne is because it reduces the redness of it that can reduce its overall appearance. You can expect your acne to tone down for about 3 days or a week for better results.

Soothes sunburn

Sunburn stings the skin can often be painful. The worst part of sunburn is that it’s permanent! Along side that, a great sunscreen that will really protect you from the sun is a must have. If you are looking for a good and affordable sunscreen, I have reviewed a sunscreen product and it is by far the best product I have used, click here to know more about it. Even though the pain from sunburn is temporary, you could use ice as cold compress to soothe the burned area. However, remember to not apply ice for more than 15 minutes else you could bring more harm to your skin. Apply only as much as you need responsibly.

Skin Glow

Regular use of ice on the face could facilitate your face’s blood regulation making you appear healthier that would add instant glow to your face. Plus, it will make you look like you are stress-free and less problematic— who doesn’t like that? Another tip is to apply your ice routine BEFORE applying your skincare products because this will help your skincare products sink in better on to your skin. With this technique, it will not only make your skincare routine better but it is also a key for a brighter complexion and glowy skin.

And finally, a bonus reason why ice is the superior priceless beauty tip for a smoother skin..


Firstly, you need to have your ice cubes ready. There are two ways to apply ice cubes and that is with or without cloth. With cloth, wrap around a cube tightly to the cloth and test it on the back of your hand first before applying to your to familiarize and prepare yourself with the temperature then apply it when you are ready. Sudden application of coldness on your skin could shock your skin, though it will not lead to anything serious.

The next way is to apply it directly to your face. You can follow the same steps earlier but without the cloth. Remember that applying ice on your face should not cause burns or stings. If these are experienced, consult your dermatologist.

BONUS: The coldness of ice helps tighten pores of skin making it firmer and gives an instant glowy complexion. It also gives you that instant and temporary FACE LIFT!

You made it to the end!

Those are the reasons why ice is an essential beauty product because once again, it is simple, accessible, and promising. Above all, it really does make your skin smoother over time with a lot of benefits included. So now I will ask you.. Did ice answer all your curiosity?

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