Why This Facial Spray Is Popular For Many Years

instant brightening facial mist

Feeling dull lately? Maybe you need a new facial mist. The cool thing about facial mists is that it is an instant and on-the-go product. No need for touch-up makeup or excessive highlighter just to look bright or dewy. Isn’t it tiring to bring a whole makeup kit in the middle of the day? Or maybe spend more budget on your skincare line just to treat the dullness of your skin? Say no more with the MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea.

This product is amazing, not only it is affordable at $7, but it does its job. The description of the product states that with the help of cucumber and peppermint essential waters in its ingredients, it helps dull and tired looking skin. This facial mist specifically gives of a cooling sensation with the green tea that serves a powerful antioxidant protection for the skin to feel refreshed and revitalized.

Let us dive deep in its ingredients and see how it teams up to form a magical product.

Botanical Ingredients:

The first ingredient is Aloe Vera, it is known for its many healing properties like treating sunburn or eczema, and a well moisturizing ingredient or skincare products. Aloe Vera is great for dry and sensitive skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties that calms skin and reduces skin redness.

The second ingredient is Cucumber that keeps your skin healthy. This ingredient is responsible for hydrating your dull skin. Cucumbers are mainly known to relieve eye puffiness but they also work to soothe your skin. Another thing with cucumber is that it can reduce the appearance of freckles overtime and improve overall skin complexion.

The third botanical ingredient found is the Green Tea. Now this ingredient is really popular especially in Japanese skin care products because it works well with acne-prone skin. It has one of the highest concentration of polyphenols than any other source which makes it rich in anti-oxidant. With green tea, it contains powerful anti-aging properties that fights free radicals.

Aside from the three ingredients mention, it also has Peppermint Essential Water that is again great for acne-prone skin because it kills acne causing bacteria and balances sebum production. Besides that, it also soothes skin irritation together with the cooling effect of peppermint that is excellent for itchy and irritated skin.

In conclusion,

This specific product is best for dry and acne-prone skin because it is moisturizing with aloe vera, also hydrating, and soothing with cucumber. It is also rich in anti-oxidant with green tea, and the cooling sensation of peppermint essential water. This facial mist also has a fine mist when used that will not make your skin too wet when applied. This product can also be used as a setting spray or on top of makeup depends on your preference. Mario Badescu also released different variations of facial mists. It includes Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater & Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender. They all have different uses for different skin types and have different kinds of botanical ingredients.

You have reached the end!

If you can’t remember the last time you felt glowy, then you might need this facial mist NOW.

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