How To Start Your Own Skincare Routine Step by Step 2021

Starting to invest in good quality products and making your own routine may seem fun yet intimidating especially if you don’t know where to start.

“The effectiveness of a skincare product will not solely rely on the price.”

For several years of using different kinds of products, it really is a struggle to buy products that will not work on you even though it says they will. To the high-end products and the cheaper ones, the effectiveness of a skincare product will not solely rely on the price.

Apart from this, I have come up with an easy guide on where to start, how to find the right products for you, and how to build your skincare routine without throwing away your money. Here is the guide on how to start your skincare routine Step by Step:

1. Know your Skin Type

This is the basic ground before buying your products or deciding on your routine. You have to know what your skin is before you start selecting. This is why most skincare products are marketed for specific skin types or labeled on their product descriptions such as “For sensitive skin”, or maybe “For dry skin” and so on.

Before proceeding to the other steps, you should think about this first, or else you would end up buying things not suited for you. This will make it harder for you, but the good thing is I have made a complete list of how to discover your skin type first and foremost. You can check it out by clicking here and then come back once you have finally discovered your skin type. If you already know your skin type, then keep reading.

2. Know what your skin needs

The second step is to know what our skin needs when starting your skincare routine. These are the things that you should take note of based on your skin type below:

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, well you are not alone. There are a lot of people experiencing the same trouble as you are. Here are the tips I can share with you if you have oily skin below:

  • Toners – some people believe that toners are not necessary however, they will help tone and balance your skin while further cleaning your skin.
  • Facial Masks – facial masks are for any skin type and this is advisable for oily skin as well as maintaining good healthy skin.
  • Water-based moisturizers – most oily skin would not wear moisturizers in fear that it will make them greasier. Nonetheless, water-based moisturizers are great for oily skin because they do not feel heavy on the skin and are generally cooling and lightweight.

In addition to this, here are the recommended products for you:

Tonymoly Wonder Mint Oil Paper Toner 500ml
23.00 USD 11.50 USD
Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask 135ml
18.00 USD 14.40 USD
COSRX AC Collection Lightweight Soothing Moisturizer 80ml
18.00 USD
Dry Skin

If you are dry skin, don’t worry because there are a lot of products waiting for you as well. Most of the time, you would need products that are hydrating and more moisture. Here are some of what you need below:

  • Hydrating Cleansers – hydrating cleansers are pretty easy to find, just make sure that you look for products that are light to the skin.
  • Non-irritating exfoliant – along with a good cleanser, exfoliation is a must for dry skin but should not be for everyday use, remember to exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Hydrating Moisturizer & Toner – I would recommend staying away from water-based moisturizers because it will not really solve the problem. Go for rich and hydrating products that your skin will absorb. For toners, find something that will not irritate your skin.
  • Serums – serums can be your best friend as they are great skin boosters and you will not need to worry about feeling greasy with serums.

In addition to this, here are the recommended products for you:

Neogen Real Fresh Foam #Green Tea
19.00 USD 17.10 USD
Pyungkang Yul Peeling Gel 120ml
17.60 USD 10.50 USD
Lagom Cellus Mild Moisture Cream 80ml
41.80 USD 17.99 USD
Pyunkang yul Moisture Serum 100ml
29.70 USD 17.90 USD
Combination Skin

Combination skin is ore common than you think, in fact, most people have this skin type. However, having combination skin may also mean different care for different spots.

  • gel-based/creamy lotion cleansers – it is hard to find products for combination skin that will work throughout since you can be both dry and oily skin. If you have oilier skin, it is better to use mild gel-based cleansers, and if your skin is leading to the drier side, use creamy lotion cleansers.
  • Serums – Serums are great for combination skin because it further hydrates the skin. The best serum you can find is Hyaluronic Acid Serums that are pretty much everywhere now in the market!

In addition to this, here are the recommended products for you:

COSRX Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser 150ml
11.00 USD
Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser 100ml
13.00 USD 7.80 USD
Torriden Dive-In Low Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Serum 50ml
24.00 USD 19.20 USD
Sensitive Skin

Undoubtedly, It is hard to find the right product for sensitive skin fellas especially if you are allergic to a certain ingredient that results in sensitive skin. But nowadays, it is not that hard to find since a lot of new products are rising on the market and most of them are quality products. Finally, here are the must-have products for sensitive skin:

  • Gentle cleanser – for someone who has sensitive skin, you might want to stay away from harsh cleansers because most of the time, it could lead to skin irritation.
  • Fragrance-free – it is better to stick to fragrance-free products because most of the products that have fragrance can trigger redness and itchy skin because of the chemicals reacting it can also lead to ACD or Allergic Contact Dermatitis.
  • Hyaluronic acid – looks for products with hyaluronic acid because a specific ingredient is good for all skin types. It is reported that it is safe even for the most sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid contains is great if you want to achieve softer skin.

Note: You can also use toners and since they are mostly skin-irritating, I made a toner product review just for sensitive skin. Click here to see!

In addition to this, here are the recommended products for you:

Etude House Soon Jung Whip Cleanser 150ml
15.00 USD 9.00 USD
Tonymoly Ceramide Moisture Tan Tan Cream 300ml
17.00 USD 10.20 USD
Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Water Mask 25g*1ea
3.60 USD 3.00 USD
Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, well congratulations! Because your skin is well-balanced and healthy. You can pretty much use anything as long as you can still take care of your skin. Here are some essentials that you might want to try:

  • gentle cleanser – avoid harsh cleansers that could damage your face, go for gentle cleansers to be safer.
  • Skin-replenishing Toner – it will help improve sun damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Sunscreen with SPF 50 – this will help protect your skin for further permanent damages from the sun

In addition to this, here are the recommended products for you:

COSRX *Renewal* Salicylic ACID Daily Gentle Cleanser 150ml
11.00 USD 9.90 USD
Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner 190ml
25.00 USD
Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk SPF50+/PA+++ 70ml
24.00 USD 11.99 USD

3. Decide your goals

Furthermore, in this step you can decide if you want to do it for a week, a month, and so on. You can ask yourself,

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How long do I want to test out this process?
  • What do I need to change?

4. Search for products

From all the knowledge that you have now, you can finally decide what to use and to avoid. Here is the table guide to assist you with what to look for. Disclaimer: The table guide only shows the recommended products to use for your skin type. It also shows the not recommended products which means it could be difficult to find a product suited for this skin type, but it does not mean that it is not possible to use. Moreover, it is free of your choice to follow or oppose respectively.

PRODUCTOily SkinDry SkinCombination SkinSensitive SkinNormal Skin
Eye CreamIf neededIf neededIf neededIf neededIf needed
Face Oil
✓ – recommended ✘ – not so recommended


You are now ready to start your skincare! Choose wisely and stick to the trusted brands for extra safety. Above all, remember that the price of a product does not guarantee its effectiveness. Make sure to read reviews before you try out something, you can read some trusted product reviews here in my blog to get more ideas. What will work on you might not work for others and vice versa, so keep exploring!

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