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No matter how much skincare I can find for my skin to look better, the best skincare will still go to water. It is the base of what we need. Sort of like needing a canvas before starting to paint, or maybe heating the pan before you start cooking.

Water, as easy as it sounds, without it can be the reason why your skin is feeling dehydrated that results to clogged pores. These things can hinder you from achieving that radiant skin. A step closer to this is drinking enough water your body needs.

All about water

So how much water does my body really need?

There is no exact measurement for everyone else as we are all different in terms of our diet and how active we are. Scientifically speaking, doctors still recommend for an individual to have at least 6 cups of water a day to ensure our body functioning well. If you are drinking less than 6 cups a day, the effects may occur on your skin such as uneven skin tone, dull looking, or even visibility of fine lines.

Does dehydration result to having dry skin?

As much as people think dry skin is caused by dehydration, it is not really the case. Dehydration naturally means that you are lacking water that your body needs. On the other hand, dry skin is more of a skin type that means the skin is lacking natural oils or sebum.

How do I know if my body is dehydrated?

The easiest way to determine if you are dehydrated is based on the color of your urine. A darker color of urine means that you are dehydrated and a lighter to clear urine means you are hydrated. In our skin, having a dull texture and somewhat uneven skintone is the best indication that you are dehydrated.

How water helps your skin

Simply drinking water will not instantly make your skin clear and blemishes disappear but it will definitely give you the glow you need. Approximately 2 weeks is the best indication to see the real benefits of water in our skin.

To make things easier, I have listed the things that water will do to your skin.

1) Improves skin tone
This is listed first for a reason because it is the most common indication that water does to our skin when we pamper ourselves with water. Sufficient amount of water gives off a brighter complexion to your skin that no other skincare products can give you. Remember, your skincare products alone are not enough to change your skin complexion.

2) Tighten the skin
Water is a magical secret skincare that tighten the skin. How? Water helps tighten skin elasticity that also promotes anti-aging. Your skin will thank you in the next 10 years! Although there are a lot of products that promotes to tighten skin, there is not much evidence. Another great tip if you want to tighten your skin is ice, you can read the whole article here.

3) Prevents acne
Water alone will not cure acne but drinking lots of water can help prevent it. Research shows that toxins enter our skin’s pores that will eventually cause acne, if you want to know more about acne click here. Water can prevent this by making sure your pores is well hydrated to not clog.

Are you ready to achieve a new radiance?

Drinking water alone will NOT give you 100% results and proper skincare routine is still a must to maintain a good skin. However, drinking sufficient amount of water will help you and your skin a lot to make it better and glowy. Remember, there is no rule for beauty except your own.. So as always, give your skin a little love.

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