Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On Review: Is It Really Brightening?

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On Review

The best product to reduce the appearance of dark circles is a roll-on that acts as a moisturizer for the highly sensitive skin around the eyes. This Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On Review will walk you through the upsides and downsides of the product. Find out at the end of this eye roll-on is really brightening!

Dark circles are common to both men and women and can be caused by the natural loss of collagen as the skin around the eyes ages. Several beauty products like undereye creams or eye roll-ons are usually used to get rid of dark circles.

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On Review

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Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On Review
Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On 15 ml
21.00 USD

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A massaging roll-on eye treatment enriched with caffeine for promoting micro-circulation on skin. Helps minimize puffiness & dark circles through the natural draining effect of a massage. Restores radiant & brilliant-looking eye contours.

Claims & How To Use

To use this product, gently roll onto the under-eye area as needed. You may opt to put it in the fridge if you want to use it will a cooling sensation. This eye roll-on claims to be anti-bags and anti-dark circles. This should reduce or minimize the appearance of dark circles and eye bags because it contains caffeine extracts with an immediate cooling effect.

My Background

Skin Type: Normal-Combination Skin

Upsides of Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On Review

Packaging & Usage

In the 6 months of use, I have come up with a lot of things with the Garnier eye-roll. Talking about the good side of this product, I can say that it is hassle-free to use! Simply take off the cap, wipe it on your undereye, and it’s done! This eye roll-on is also compact which is easy to store anywhere. It is also travel-friendly where you don’t have to worry about the product spilling, squeezing, or leaking because it is secured with a cap. The product may seem few but it lasted for 6 months or more with 4-5 days a week of use.


Since this product is trouble-free to use, you can literally use it anywhere you are— just maybe not in front of someone else at work. Kidding aside, we know how hard it is to commit to skincare when starting out! This brightening eye roll-on makes it easier because you don’t have to run to the sink while doing it— just make sure your face is clean.

What’s great about this Garnier eye-roll is that it is a two in one product! I love the roll-on feature because it massages your undereye for free, unlike undereye creams, especially when it’s cold from the fridge. I was able to use this product for a long time also because you don’t need a lot of amounts. Just be careful on rolling because it can get addicting!

Downsides of Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On Review

Packaging & Usage

The idea of the roll-on is efficient, however, it also has its own problems. There are times where swiping your undereye could not be smooth whenever the roll-on gets stuck. This, however, is not usually the problem but you have to be careful with using this product in case the roll-on gets stuck. You don’t want your skin to get in between! The product’s packaging is also made of plastic which makes it lightweight and can look cheap.


Based on a 6 months experience, my relationship with this Garnier roll-on was on and off. When it comes to the actual product effect, it only brightened my dark circles minimally. What made me use this product for a longer time is to see if it is effective. Turns out, you can hardly see the difference from before when it comes to my dark circles. There is not much of a difference when it comes to my eyebags as well.


I would rate this product 3.5/5 based on my personal experience. It was an okay experience, but based on its claims, it didn’t really do what it’s supposed to. On the positive side, I still use it sometimes to massage my undereye when I can! You may still buy it if you want an eye roll-on massager that could possibly work on you if you use it continuously.

So is the Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On really brightening? Not so much..

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