Ellana Face Mists Review: Are They Powerful Enough?

ellana face mists review

Are you having dull skin especially when you go out? You might want to refreshen that a bit with face mists! Today’s topic is Ellana Face Mists Review. Are they powerfully refreshing enough to withstand the weather’s humidity or skin needs? You are going to find out!

What Face Mists Are For

If there is one word that could describe the use of face mists, that is— instant! What makes face mists unique from other skincare products is their all-around use! In fact, it is also used in makeup for the same purpose! Listed below are what face mists are for:

  • Urgent skin needs
  • Before and after makeup application
  • To maximize the effect of moisturizer
  • Adds beneficial skin effects

Urgent skin needs

Whenever you feel like you need to freshen up before going to work, an important meeting, or going with friends, mists are your best friend. No need to do your heavy skincare routine or makeup just to freshen up a bit. The best thing about mists is the hydration that it gives to your skin that can give you more glow.

Before and after makeup application

Before doing your makeup, you can spray your face with a face mist as a way to prep your skin. This is a great technique that could give a difference to your makeup look. In addition, face mists also work like setting sprays to make your makeup lasts even longer!

To maximize the effect of moisturizer

Talking about the skincare routine, it is best recommended to apply your mist after your toner or simply before your moisturizer. This will maximize the effects of your moisturizer with the added hydration. Since your skin will absorb more product if it’s hydrated, this is a great tip to make your moisturizer perform better!

Adds beneficial skin effects

Nowadays there are different types of face mists for different skin types and effects. There are those for acne-prone skin, dry skin, and more. The added beneficial skin effects solely depend on the mist that you are using. If the product says that it is a glowing serum then expect more dewy skin after application. The same goes for hydration, etc.

About Ellana

Ellana Cosmetics is a local brand from the Philippines, they are mainly known as the #1 mineral brand in the country. They formulate clean, cruelty-free, and vegan products from your hair, skin, and to every elsewhere.

Aside from skincare products, they also sell makeup products with a lot of skincare benefits included. Their products are worth the try and I get they get the hype today.

Today’s products to review are the following:

  • Stay Fresh Multi Mist | Controls Oil And Brightens
  • Flower Power Multi Mist | Hydrates And Brightens
  • Glass Skin Glow Cooling 3-In-1 Facial Mist With Mandarin Extract

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Ellana Face Mists Review

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Stay Fresh Multi Mist

Ellana face mists review

CLAIMS: Brightens and Controls Oil

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) regulates oil production. Green Tea Extract Rich in antioxidants, keeps skin looking youthful. Centella Asiatica (Cica) soothes irritated skin and promotes healing. Acetyl Glucosamine helps brighten skin and keep it hydrated and elastic (vegan). Sodium Lactate brightens dark spots 


This product is actually packed with great ingredients that help make your skin clear and healthy. Along with that, it mostly targets people with oily and acne-prone skin. I am a combination skin (oily-dry skin) and this product work wonders for me. Although I don’t get a lot of acne, I have observed that this face mist tones down my acne after some time. It also has a fine mist that will not give you that overly wet face after spraying it which is a plus!

Moving to the negative side, since I have drier skin on some parts, I get a little irritated the first time I used this product. It is mainly on the side of my nose which is the most sensitive part of my face. I usually get this reaction when trying products for oily skin. Additionally, this is a two in one product since besides being a skincare mist, it can freely be a makeup setter.

Based on its claims, I can say that it does brighten up the face. For the oil-controlling, I cannot really say if it is effective since my face does not really oil up that much. However, I haven’t noticed my face oil up whenever I use this product and I think that it is effective based on its claim.

Conclusion: Stay Fresh Multi Mist is best for oily, acne-prone, and combination skin. For its price and size, I think that it is definitely worth it. If you are unsure about buying it, I don’t think you’ll have regrets about trying it as well. It is true to its claims and effective!

Flower Power Multi Mist

Ellana face mists review

Claims: Hydrates and Brightens

Featured Ingredients: Rose Extracts calms and nourishes the skin. Aloe Vera soothes and moisturizes the skin. Rose Fruit helps reduce redness and irritation. Sodium Lactate brightens dark spots and provides 24h hydration.


This product is a sister product of the earlier Stay Fresh Mist. When I first tried this mist, my skin felt soft and fresh. Also has a fine mist but unlike the Stay Fresh, this mist has mild ingredients that do not irritate the skin. I really noticed a glowing or brightening difference whenever I use this mist. Another thing that I love about this product is that it doesn’t have an artificial smell but it does smell decent.

It is hard to think of a negative thing about this product so I will leave it to that. However, a bottle of this product doesn’t last very long on me maybe because of how frequently I use it.

It checks all the claims which are hydrating and brightening. This product has been really helpful in touch-ups or errands. I love all the ingredients that it contains that helps with the everyday glowy look!

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, this product is mainly for people who have dry, normal, and sensitive skin. I definitely recommended this especially if you are looking for a level up on your skincare routine or if you want to bring something with you every day to brighten up!

Glass Skin Glow

Ellana face mists review

Claims: Instant Glow, Brightening and Smoothening

Featured Ingredients: Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract soothes skin. Glycerine serves as humectant; helps skin retain moisture. Mica with its shimmering properties allow it to reflect light from the face, creating the illusion of a smoother, softer, and more radiant skin tone.


This is the most interesting product in Ellana Cosmetics that I have tried. Unexpectedly, it had shimmers inside that adds to the glow that the product gives. This is both a positive and a negative for me. Positively, this makes your skin naturally glowing and it looks healthy. This mist also has great skin benefits that will make your face glowing naturally over time.

Negatively, these shimmers are not spread evenly since this is a mist. I find it hard to spread the glitters as it can be messy. It can also look unnatural when you spray too much since the glitters can stack up. Another thing is, the glitters get stuck on the nozzle of the mist and will cause the mist to spray more unevenly.

Following on its claims, this product does give an instant glow! You typically would not need to put on highlighters if you do your makeup, since the glow that this mist gives is better and more natural if the amount is controlled. On the other hand, you will see more of the brightening and smoothening effect of the product the more you use it.

Conclusion: I think this is alright for any skin type and I did not experience any irritations. This product is pretty decent and new compared to different mists. I have to add that

Are They Powerful Enough?

As expected, these mists from Ellana contain a lot of helpful ingredients that make them powerful! The prices of each product are also decent when compared to their performance. They are definitely a steal!

The product that I liked the most is the Flower Power Mist because it really made my skin feel nice, true to its claims, and on the go. I do recommend the Stay Fresh and Flower Power Mists if you want to improve your skin! But if you want a mist that could also go well with your makeup, I do recommend the Glass Skin Glow.

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