8 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine Is Not Effective

Have you been suffering from redness, irritations, or maybe a sudden acne breakout?

Then you are probably doing something wrong in your skincare. Good thing we listed some here that you can check.

Here are the 8 Reasons Why Your Skincare is Not Effective

1) Neglecting your neck

Comparing our necks to our faces, it has sebaceous glands that means it has lesser oils. This means that your neck skin is prone to dryness and aging. With the lack of moisturizer, your neck will look dull and could build up dead skin cells as well as dirt.

Our neck is also thin and sensitive that makes it easier to sag overtime. Above all, it is harder to treat saggy neck and could be too late with just skincare products. That’s why if you want your neck to stay plump, you should give it the same attention as your face when it comes to skincare routine.

So, if you feel like skipping your neck could save more products, think about it again. You might be spending more than you think in the future.

2) Using Too Many products

This is similar to the phrase— too much of a good thing. Hoping to treat a certain skin issue with tons of products might make things worse. Resulting to this is extremely irritated and sensitive skin that produces rashes, red, bumpy and or itchy skin.

Using too many products could seem like a bright idea but it’s actually similar to wasting them. Remember to put products that your skin ONLY needs! Not only it is a waste of products, but also a waste of money.

If you are fond of using or experimenting new products, do not use them altogether! Then, you wont know which is effective and which is not. In here, we offer a FREE One Month Skincare Challenge Template that you can use if you want to experiment a product’s effectivity on your skin! With this, you can download and print it to track your skincare journey. Click HERE to claim it!

3) Drying Face in an uncleaned towel

Sure you use great products that suits your skin, you dont use too many products and you dont neglect your neck. But do you dry your face with an unwashed towel? Go back to step one!

Think of it like cleaning your house and then walking with a dirty slipper inside. If you haven’t washed your towel twice or thrice a week, then say hi to all the accumulated bacteria. If you wash your face every day, then the maximum use of your face towel before tossing it to your washing machine is every third use.

Again, if you don’t wash your towel every after your skincare routine, then it is like going to step one all over again. When you rub your face in a dirty towel, then that might be the reason for your breakout and irritation. If you don’t like using towels, you can try using clean paper towels OR simply wait for your face to dry itself.

4) Mixing active ingredients

Do you picking your skincare products with active ingredients? If yes, then you might want to read this. Mixing active ingredients can be wasting the product itself. To show that, imagine spending a lot of money and not getting the most of what you bought. Clearly, this is the same case as mixing active ingredients. Below, we listed the Do’s and Dont’s in mixing active ingredients.

Mixing skincare actives incorrectly could lose the effectiveness of an product. Not just that, your skin could react differently. The results could be irritated, red, and sting skin.

5) Touching your face frequently

We touch a lot of things everyday, with the dust and bacteria everywhere, there is a high chance that it is in your hands or fingers too. So that means touching your face frequently is letting the bacteria settle in your skin.

If you also have oily skin, touching your face could aggravate the skin’s oil. By touching your face frequently, you are passing your skin oil around. With this, it can also clog your pores badly that will lead to an acne outbreak.

Without self-discipline, touching your face could be a habit. By then, it will be harder to control this behavior. Here are the things you could do to stop touching your face frequently:

  • remind yourself about the consequences
  • substitute the behaviour
  • restrict yourself and set goals

6) No sun protection

Sunscreen is essential whenever, and wherever you are. Sun damages are no joke and is likely permanent until you grow old. No sun protection is really a bold move to expose yourself to UV rays. However, it is not too late for a change.

There are different types of sunscreen for different skin types. If you haven’t found your sunscreen yet, check out this guide for your skin type by clicking HERE.

7) Washing Your Face Too much

Though washing your face will give your skin benefits, overwashing is a different thing. Overwashing can remove the natural oils in your face. Following to that, these natural oils help prevent water loss from our skin and keep it hydrated.

Washing too much leads mild to severe skin irritations and you for sure don’t want that. Remember that the maximum times you can wash your face is twice a day. Beyond that can be harmdul to your skin and will be the opposite of doing good.

8) Too much exfoliation

When the skin is exfoliated, it will then go to repair and regeneration mode. This exfoliation is good for the skin however, if this is done regularly, this can cause skin trauma. This is when over-exfoliation steps in. Too much exfoliation leads to free-radical damage and premature skin aging. Thus, this will destroy your healthy skin cells.

If you don’t want to irritate your skin further, do not over-exfoliate. The maximum days of exfoliation per week is two days, and crossing this line could be harmful.

You have reached the end!

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  1. Verona

    Great post! I’m an advocate for having a routine that works for you. What works for one person might not for another, but the principles remain the same.
    I like the fact you mention not to neglect your neck!!

  2. Irene

    I think the most common is forgetting the neck and thinking that for adding lots of products your routine will be more effective.

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