5 Tips on How To Love Your Skin

5 Tips on How to love your skin

Tired of buying skincare products and treatments? How about we skip all of those for now. These are the 5 steps on how to love your skin, and hopefully will change your thoughts by the time you reach the end of this post.

The tips that I am about to share to you today are not solely focused on products to use, but rather a reflection and motivation on how to start noticing the uniqueness of your skin! All of these tips are for anyone, at any age, and most importantly, for you, so keep reading.

TIP 1: Don’t compare.

Before reaching the stage of acceptance, comparing yourself to others could be the first obstacle you should watch out for. Most people tend to compare themselves subconsciously that will soon become an unconscious habit, which is not healthy. Every time you catch yourself doing this habit, you might want to remember that,

“When things change inside you, things change around you.”

You might think that comparison could potentially motivate you to become better, however it is not a really good mindset to begin with. Comparison can further develop to jealousy that who knows how far else it could take you. And let me tell you, the real tip on how to love your skin initially comes from how you think inside your head. There are several ways to conquer comparison and jealousy, and you can start by practicing gratitude. You might not get that latest skin trend or the popular skincare product that everyone tried, but that should not make you feel less of who you are.

Remember that the standard of having a ‘great’ skin does not only limit to one type that you often see in social media, because most of the time it starts with yours. The texture, or even color of you skin should not be the reason to even start comparing yourself to others. Truth is, our society will feel less heavy once we start appreciating everyone else’s diversity. And if you are reading this right now, I’m happy to say that you are one step closer from loving your skin.

Tip 2: Go a day makeup-free!

As much as you might love wearing makeup, now is also the time to show off that natural skin! This is a great step to achieve acceptance by creating a good relationship with yourself. This tip can actually help your skin breathe more and can reduce your costly affair with makeup.

“You’re just as beautiful without makeup as you are with it.”

Going barefaced for a day or so can actually have a lot more benefits than you think, and this includes having some more time for yourself. It would make sense because you do all of this for yourself and definitely not to satisfy other people. Aside from that, enjoy building up your confidence and unlock the power of contentment.

Tip 3: Pamper your skin

Now this tip does not always mean that you should go buy tons of products to put on your face. It could also mean taking care of yourself, giving yourself a quick facial massage, or maybe just by drinking a lot of water! If you have a love-hate relationship with your skin, then this is the sign to rebuild that relationship again.

“It’s not just the substances that you put to your skin, but it is how you take care of it.”

Another reason to pamper your skin is because it can actually be stress-reliever after a long tiring day. Go and take care of yourself because you deserve it from everything that you went through today! Take care of your skin like how you would take care of your other responsibilities. And believe me, after a good pamper day, you will get rid of that love-hate relationship with your skin.

Tip 4: Embrace your uniqueness!

Whether you have a scar, beauty marks, freckles, and any other else, I am here to tell you that those things are what sets you apart from everyone else!

“Skin first, makeup second, smile always”

Remember that if you can embrace your skin flaws, then you can start being true to yourself and realize that nothing is really perfect. At the end of the day, we are all different and our flaws can connect us to other people to feel the compassion. Truth is, everyone is flawed and instead of endless comparison, take it as an opportunity to feel a connection to humanity. Take note that if you ever feel alone, there are different other people who have similar insecurities but are handling it differently. So, how are you handling yours?

Tip 5: Stop seeking validations from others

You do not need for the words of others to reach you before you realize what you have. Most of the time, our skin insecurities are not that noticeable as much as we think. That is because we see ourselves all the time and notice every detail that we can see in us.

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

As mentioned earlier, you see yourself most of the time and no one else really know you and how much effort you have done to accept your whole self. You reaching the end of this tip is a sign that you really care about yourself and no oneβ€” I repeat, no one.. can tell you who you are. Be your own kind of beautiful, because as fast as time pass by, everything changes including the all known beauty standards that is set by our society. But above all of those, the only change that matters is how you treat yourself.

Do not lose yourself trying to be everything for everyone

Tony Gaskins

There is nothing more satisfying than the acceptance, letting go, and feeling free. I hope that these 5 things were helpful for you, just keep in mind that loving your own skin is a process. There is no instant solution and we like to take it slow and steady. As you reach the end of this post, share it to your love ones to spread the love and lesson you have learned today!

You have reached the end!

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