5 Best Toner For Glowing Skin That You Might Want To Try

toner for glowing skin

This year seems to be a toner year, and the rise of newly formulated toners finally rose. Although toners are known to balance and maintain skin, did you know that there is toner for glowing skin?

These types of toners are not that hard to find, but we made it easier for you by listing our best 5 toners for glowing skin! Before that, you might wanna know these types of toners better.

Importance of Toner for Glowing Skin

Since toners are one of the most confusing products, they are mostly doubted to make changes on the skin. So is toner important? The answer is YES! Especially if you want to achieve glowing skin, toners are the bridge to do so. Also, it is a myth that toners are not for sensitive skins. In fact, I have a separate post for sensitive skin fellas who wants to try toners, and you can read it first by clicking here.

Firstly, toners are responsible for hydrating skin, and that includes minimizing your pores. One of the checklists to achieve glowing skin is to make sure that your skin is healthy and hydrated. Second, toners help get rid of excess dirt and oil. That is why there could be a lot of chance that you can still have minimal dirt even after cleansing. Without the help of toners, dirt could sit on your skin without you knowing!

Lastly, the toners are a great way to prep your skin before using another product. This allows your skin to absorb more moisturizers or serums that you have. All in all, toners ARE necessary and are crucial if you want glowing skin.

Top 5 Recommended Toners for Glowing Skin

Disclaimer: The list below is not in any hierarchical order.

SEECRET KEY Milk Brightening Toner 248ml

toner for glowing skin
Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner 248ml
13.00 USD 9.10 USD

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Protein from milk, rice, and portulaca extract are included to make your skin smooth and silky by removing dead skin.

Top Reviews:

“My first k beauty toner was a secret key toner and I loved it and couldn’t wait to try the other toners in that line, like this milk brightening toner. My skin reacts well to milk extracts, which is the first ingredient in this toner, it has helped to brighten my skin and also hydrate it too.”


“It’s really cheap and long-lasting. It does make my complexion more radiant.”


“I bought the milk toner which helps to brighten my complexion because I have uneven skin tone. It turns out to be very effective compared to the price, and the size is relatively big. I’ve been using it everyday for over 3 months now and haven’t finished it.”


INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Skin EX 200ml

toner for glowing skin
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin EX 200ml
19.20 USD 13.50 USD

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Quick-absorbing toner delivers hydration and anti-oxidants from Jeju green tea extract to help maintain skin’s delicate balance for hydrated, healthy-looking skin.

Top Reviews:

“This is my first first ever skincare product that i own and i am still using it. a must have for me.”


“The toner is thick but not greasy on my T-zone which is oily and it nourishes and smooths the rest of my face. It doesn’t irritate or break out my skin which is amazing.”


“These innisfree green tea face routine line I gotta love. I use it morning and night and I have used the whole bottles and restarting those products again. My face looks actually different. and Other people can see that too.”


SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin Brightening Toner 150ml

toner for glowing skin
SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin Brightening Toner 150ml
24.00 USD 14.00 USD

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Toner contains the richest type of citrus Yuzu, which is a hybrid of mandarin and lemon, and makes up almost 90% of the composition of the toner. Due to this, your skin will be provided with a large amount of Vitamin C, which will help not only lighten your skin, but also even out the tone of the face as a whole and give it a healthy glow and glow.

Niacinamide (5%) brightens age spots, corrects uneven skin tone and eliminates traces of post-acne, as well as prevents moisture loss and increases skin elasticity, and Glutathione and Arbutin help lighten the skin as a whole, as well as regulate the production of melanin.

Top Reviews:

“Great brightening toner! I bought this to introduce niacinamide in my skin care routine as it’s known for its ability to improve skin tone and texture. It has low concentration of it (5%) which make it great for beginners. It is also vitamin C rich, has nice citrus scent (not overwhelming), thicker consistency, not tacky, absorbing well into the skin. My skin has healthy glow after using it!”


“I splash this product onto my skin after cleansing and before moisturizing! I do feel that this product makes my skin look a lot brighter!”


“A brightening product that actually works and is not just full of glitter! Loving this stuff, bought the whole set. I work two jobs and am fairly careless about my skincare routine, by Korean standards at least, and it’s starting to catch up to me. But this actually does just about everything I need it to. Brightens, tightens up my pores, and doesn’t cause breakouts. It isn’t highly moisturizing though, so you’ll also need to add a heavy hitter in that department during cold months.”


SOME BY MI Galactomyces Toner 200ml

toner for glowing skin
SOME BY MI Galactomyces Toner 200ml
24.00 USD 18.00 USD

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ingenious & powerful brightening solution! Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner.
Infuse bright energy into the skin with pure vitamin C & Galactomyces.

Top Reviews:

“I need to say I am amazed of how this product changes my skin and helped me get rid of marks and dark sports. My face looks brighter and even and I can say is a deep change (as I am a freckle person). Off course you need to take into account that the product oxidates, and sadly before I’d like to. I use it for both my day and night routine but yet I did not finished the whole bottle. I compared the product the first day I used it and is was transparent but 31 days in it was dark orange and I stopped using it. Is a treatment, so use it.”


“Recommend for who wanna have bright face can try this xD❤️”


“These products really changed my life. Even if I am not a big fan of the scent (as it is pure vita C and it oxidates) the miracle they did for my skin is what kept me using them. You really need to take care of the product so it does not receive much light nor stays open for a long time and it may damage but MY SKIN?! I just loveeeeeee this product and this line. Is the only solution I had to remove skin pigmentation and now it looks much much healthier like making me feel younger. Love for this.”


NATURE REPUBLIC Vitapair C Dark Toner Set

toner for glowing skin
Nature Republic Vitapair C Dark Toner Set
24.60 USD 17.20 USD

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The product has a vita c toner 300ml + cotton pad container with 45 pads. Firstly, it is a skin-brightening functional cosmetics. Second, it contains 10% Fresh Jeju Lemon + Vitamin C. Third, it polishes the texture of the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. Lastly, it has a skin irritation test completed.

Top Reviews:

“Very good lemon scent, clarified skin texture, renewed and even skin tone. Very good price!”


“Brightening my dark spot and pigmentation.”


“pretty decent toner and comes with extra cotton pads”


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