5 Reasons Why Jade Roller is Famous in 2021

what is jade roller

If you have been using beauty tools, then you might have heard of the Jade Roller.

For thousands of years, this beauty tool already existed before the release of more advanced beauty tools that are found in derma clinics. Mostly used in Asia, this tool has been preserved as a face anti-aging tool for a long time.

So is jade roller really essential? Does it really work? Here are 5 facts about the jade roller and how it really works. Keep reading!

5 Facts About The Jade Roller

Various Techniques

Before asking if the jade roller really works, you have to know that there are various techniques on how to use the jade roller. Most people would end up using the tool in the wrong way that lessens the possible results. To learn the various techniques, it will be listed down below on how it works.

Less Lift, More circulation

People would often argue that this tool does not give them the benefits like facelift or skin tightening. In reality, this tool is most effective in regulating your blood circulation by massaging the area of your face. Moreover, it will certainly not give you the dermatological facelift, but it can make your skin healthy over time. If you are looking for a priceless facelift beauty tip, you can read my blog here.

Better skincare absorption

I call this the skincare booster because this works well with moisturizers or skincare products! After moisturizing your face, you can use this tool to lightly press the products in your skin to help it absorb faster. Another tip is when using a facial mask, you can use this as you wait for 15 minutes before taking off your facial mask.

No Puffiness

The jade roller encourages lymphatic drainage that helps reduce puffiness of the face. Additionally, pressure should not be too hard when massaging the face. The jade roller can also help clear toxins that depuff the face and making your face look overly brighter.

Enhances glow

Finally, no puffiness means more glow. After using the jade roller, you can expect your face to become healthy that will bring out your skin’s natural glow over time. If you desire to achieve more glow in your skin, click here to know more.

How To Use The Jade Roller

First Step:

Make sure that your face is clean as well as the jade roller before using. Use a gentle soap to deeply clean the beauty tool or casually clean it with a soft damped towel. Dry it with a towel or paper towel and it’s ready to use!

Second Step:

Press it against the cheek, not too hard, and only in a upward motion to avoid wrinkles. Do the same for the other cheek, your forehead, and your jawline. You can flip the jade roller and use the smaller size for your nose, lips, brows or undereye.

Third Step:

Store the jade roller in a clean storage after use and make sure to use it twice a day for better results. TIP: You can store it in a beauty fridge or anywhere cool if you want to use it as a depuff. This is HIGHLY effective.

FUN FACT: The jade gemstone is referred to as the stone of luck and happiness. It is believed to be good for healing and motivation. It is also the reason why jade is chosen as a beauty tool for people to feel relaxed while using it.

As easy as it sounds, that is how simple the Jade Roller is. Be aware of fake or replicated jade rollers sold in the market and usually, the real ones are pricier than the others. Jade as a gemstone is resistant to any scratches but is fragile, otherwise your tool might not be a real gemstone.

You have reached the end!

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